Dress up your Feelings

Feeling close to the loved one you have in your heart, with InCORDE you can 


"InCORDE", a new all-female clothing brand, was born in Monza.

Hi I'm Laura, owner of InCORDE, a new Brand of men's and women's clothing and accessories, born at the beginning of January 2021 from an idea of mine.
The name InCORDE has origins from the Latin "in the heart" and is born a little by chance at the beginning of September 2020, although unconsciously it was already inside my heart... :-)
In September my three-years-old baby began a new adventure like so many of his peers: the kindergarten.
This is a very important moment and this year, due to the pandemic situation, even more so because, compared to previous years, the integration with parents lasted much less.
One of the first mornings, to overcome a nostalgic moment, I told him to think that his mother is always present in his little heart even if he does not see her with his little eyes. That's where it all started...
The project born from the belief that " Each of us has someone or something infinitely dear that will forever occupy a place in the heart."
Then why not pay homage to this noble and precious emotion we carry within us?
I also deliberately coneaded the new trending hastag #infinitamentenelcuore to strengthen my message through social media.

Do you know that nature, in its maximum expression, is capable of surprising us?
Look at the picture below, for example, where two dry leaves tighten and come together until they form a heart entirely naturally. Everything seems to show us the way... of Love.



Enter into the InCORDE world and we will open you the doors of our hearts.
Our inspiration goes from three simple milestones:

Made In Italy 

InCORDE sells men's and women's clothing strictly through an entire Made In Italy supply chain and a careful choice of high quality materials. Attention to detail is our strength, as is the concept of durability over time of the garment.

Attention to detail 

InCORDE pays close attention to detail, from the choice of products up to packaging and shipping. The goal is customer satisfaction to make it part of our big family.

At the heart of the trend 

Inspired by a young and dynamic trendy look, our creations are based on essential themes that are a real beacon. Soft lines in design and an always modern look. InCORDE collects all these characteristics and combines them in a single style, which is then the essence of our Brand.

All the InCORDE collection is available in the online boutique www.incorde.it, and is also on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube.

And who or what will forever be in your heart?


Businesswoman and Mom